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Student California Teachers Association


SCTA is a professional organization for college students in California who are pursuing careers in education. SCTA's mission is:

To offer the tools necessary to foster interest in the education profession, as well as provide pre-professionals information about their rights, responsibilities, and support systems necessary to become a committed part of the education profession.

Source: SCTA Constitution

SCTA Meetings

The club meets every other Thursday from 6-7 PM at  There will be 4 meetings during Fall 2020:

October 1:  What is SCTA and How Do I Join?
October 15:  Cultural Appropriation in the Classroom/Halloween
October 29:  TBA
November 12:  TBA

SCTA 2020-21 Board

For more information (SCTA Facebook page), or contact:

Piper Ransome, President
Liberal Studies, 4th year

Hayley Ann Agena, Vice President
Liberal Studies, 3rd year

Amanda Scott, Secretary
Liberal Studies, 4th year

Kaitlyn Denney, Treasurer
Liberal Studies, 3rd year

Kate Aguilar, Public Relations
Liberal Studies, 4th year

Paige Riza, Social Justice Advocate
Liberal Studies, 2nd year


Lola Berber-Jiménez, Liberal Studies Department Director
Julee Bauer, School of Education, Multiple Subject Coordinator



Student CTA strives to be a recognized and collaborative organization that inspires and fosters exemplary future leaders in education.


We believe in developing highly qualified, skilled and passionate future educators prepared to address evolving challenges in the profession.


We believe that community service helps future educators develop, foster and improve the community and creates positive relationships.


We believe in supporting a diverse membership and working together to promote a public education system that values the diversity of our state.


We believe in gaining a personal understanding of our profession in order to inspire change through political action.

Local campus chapters serve as a forum for working with other students interested in education. Chapters are encouraged to provide opportunities to address professional development, community outreach, political issues, and teacher recruitment.

Regional conferences focus on a variety of classroom issues. These events allow members to interact with students from schools in the region and exchange ideas.

State Student CTA has members on over 100 college campuses in California. We are led by an elected executive board of student members who provide publications, conferences, scholarships, services, and representation within CTA.

The National Education Association Student Program (NEA-SP) is the largest united student voice in the nation and provides student members with publications, services, and representation. Often as students, we tend to feel that we are victims of the system instead of a part of it. When we join with 330,000 CTA members and 2.7 million NEA members, we can truly improve the profession we have chosen as our career.

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A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove, but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.

Source: Forest Witcraft

SCTA Board 2019-20

Rylie Zea, President

Nicki Butler, Vice President

Piper Ransome, Secretary

Alayna Short, Treasurer

Makayla Diaz, Public Relations

Hayley Ann Fukai, Social Justice Advocate

SCTA Board 2018-19

Courtney Smead, President

Clair Arthur, Vice President

Molly Rafferty, Secretary

Alayna Short, Treasurer

Rylie Zea, Events Coordinator

Lola Berber-Jimenez, Advisor


SCTA Board 2017-18 

Kylie Frost, President 

Justin Ogihara, Treasurer 

Melissa Minahan, Community Outreach 

Alayna Short, Secretary 

Taryn Greer, Credential Liason 

Lola Berber-Jimenez, Advisor


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