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Course Offerings

Below is a table of expected course offerings for Liberal Studies major and support courses for the 2022-23 academic year, subject to change.  An X indicates the course is planned to be taught; (X) indicates the course might be taught.


Fall 2022

Winter 2023

Spring 2023

Summer 2023

ASTR 101 X X (X) (X)
BIO 111 X X X X
BIO 211   X X  
EDUC/CD 207 X X X  
EDUC 427 X X X (X)
EDUC 428 X X X  
ENGL 391 X   X  
GEOG 308 X X (X)  
HIST 201 X X X  
HIST 208 X X X  
HIST 210 X X X  
KINE 310 X X X  
LS 201 X      
LS 211 X X X  
LS 214 X X X  
LS 230 X X X  
LS 250 X X X  
LS 255 X X X  
LS 301 X   X  
LS 305        
LS 310 X X X  
LS 370 X X X  
LS 380        
LS 400 X X X  
LS 411        
LS 412   X X  
LS 413 X      
LS 461 X X X  
LS 462        
MATH 227 X X    
MATH 328   X X  
MATH 329 X   X  
MATH 330 X X    
PHIL 230 X X X X
PHIL 231 X X X X
PSC 101 X      
PSC 102   X    
PSC 103     X  
PSY 201 X X X  
PSY 202 X X    
STAT 130 X X X  
STAT 217 X X X X

Please note, Summer courses may be canceled if not enough students enroll.  

Cal Poly also maintains a database of Term Typically Offered information for all courses.  You can access it here to find out what quarter any class is usually offered during. Please note:  the database can take some time to load.

Some departments aligned with our concentrations also make Course Offering listings.  You can access them via the links below:



Child Development/Psychology



For other concentrations, use Cal Poly's general Term Typically Offered database.

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