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Biology Concentration

Cal Poly Liberal Studies offers two science emphasis areas: Biology and Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences).

Students are encouraged to pursue an Introductory Subject Matter Authorization (ISMA) by aligning their emphasis for those requirements.  Liberal Studies students can also align their courses towards a minor in Biology. View the Biology Minor catalog page here.

Science Concentration students will:

  • Choose 4 courses - 16 units required – 8 upper division.
  • Check for pre-requisites before enrolling.

Biology Concentration/Minor

Advisor: Dr. Elena Keeling, Office: Bldg. 33-271, Phone: 756-2175, email:

The discipline of life science or biology deals with the origin, development, structure, function, classification and distribution of living organisms as represented by plants, fungi, bacteria and viruses.  Taking coursework in the sub-areas of anatomy, taxonomy, ecology and genetics can develop knowledge in this area.

  • BIO 302: Human Genetics (4)
  • MCRO 221: Microbiology  (4)
  • BOT 326: Plant Ecology  (4)

 Select any two of the following:    

  • ZOO 331: Human Anatomy and Physiology I (5)
  • ZOO 332: Human Anatomy and Physiology II (5) 
  • BOT 311: Plants, People and Civilization (4)
  • ZOO 335: General Entomology (4)
  • BIO 440: Communicating Ocean Sciences To Informal Audiences (3)
  • BIO 305: Biology of Cancer (4) (GE B5)
  • BIO 307: World Aquaculture (4) (GE F)                                                                                                     

Visit the Biology concentration catalog page

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