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Thank You to Our Generous Donors - 2016

Thank you to all the alumni, parents, friends and organizations that donated to the Liberal Studies Department. Private support helps provide exceptional Learn by Doing opportunities for today’s students.

Michelle H. and Timothy T. Albaugh
Phillip L. and Cindy E. Alvarado
Jeanne M. and Scott D. Anderson
Jeannine E. and Scott K. Angell
Suzanne E. and Michael J. Bernadett
Sylvia A. Borges
California State Automobile Association
Jennifer S. Chiarelli
Carol V. and Theodore R. Colburn
Elizabeth H. and William R. Coyle
Tony P. and Cynthia D. Diaz
Linda and Glen Dragovich
Sara L. Ekegren
Watende O. Favors
Judith A. and Todd A. Flessner
Cindy R. Greenberg
Don A. and Judith J. Grossbier
Karen R. Hall
Curtis W. and Dana L. Hansen
Carl H. and Danielle I. Hathaway
Ruth E. and Vern H. Haynes
Leslie D. Henriksen
Catherine A. and Timothy J. Hicks
Joanne J. Hughes
Larry E. and Susan M. Humphrey
IBM Corporation
Melinda and Roy D. Jensen
John E. and Nellie Koopmans
​Melissa Y. Kovacs
Valerie E. Leonard
Michael C. Luth
Denise M. Mann

Joyce L. and Thomas W. Martin
Karen C. and W. R. McCay
Michele L. McLaughlin
Noel B. Momsen
Kathy J. Morales
Michael J. and Wendy D. Moran
Mike and Stacie Myers
Network for Good
Stephanie T. Ng
David L. and Shelley O'Dell
Diana and O'Shea O'Mary
Lily A. O'Mary
Donna N. and David J. Petri
Richard and Sue Pfohl
Michael S. and Valerie A. Posey
Ryan C. and Carolyn L. Proctor
David J. and Jo Lynn Raffi
Christine L. and Craig A. Reade
David and Paige Ready
Charles D. Rekosh
Amy J. and Ron Richardson
Julie and Christopher Ridley
Krista M. and Thomas Sabaska
Marie Stoll
Ken and Jeanne Stone
Kate C. Stover
Marilyn C. and Stephen D. Tilley
Patty A. Van Campenhout
​The Walt Disney Company
Jim S. and Rosalie L. Williams
Sandra M. Wynia


We have made every effort to ensure that the above information is correct for July 2014 through June 2016. Donors and friends who find an error or inconsistency regarding their information can call the Liberal Studies Department at 805-756-2935 or email us at We will take care to make any needed corrections quickly. Thank you again for your support.

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