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Student Awards 2018

Student holding an award standing with two professors
Courtney Johnson, center, receives her award for academic achievement from Anne Marie Bergen,
interim department chair, and Dean Wendt, dean of the college.

The college and department honored a number of liberal studies 2018 graduates for their outstanding achievements last spring. Congratulations and good luck to them and the entire 2018 graduating class.

College of Science and Mathematics Honors

Academic Achievement

Courtney Johnson

Contributions to the Department

Kylie Frost

Liberal Studies Department Honors

Child Development

C.J. Wingate and Emily Garner


Olivia Brown

History and Social Sciences

Raha Haghnia


Robyn Amendola and Veronica Zepeda


Courtney Johnson and Kylie Burk


Madison Yule and Emily Sweetman

Teaching English as a Second Language

Kylie Frost and Jordyn Romant

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