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Child Development Concenration

The discipline of human development enables students to develop an appreciation of the human element in the world around them, complement their professional training, and enhance their personal development and interpersonal effectiveness. Courses are structured on the study of life span, human development, psychology, and research and intervention methods as preparation for work with children and adults.

Child Development Students Will:

  • Choose 4 courses - 16 units required – 8 upper division.
  • Check for pre-requisites before enrolling.

Child Development Concentration

Students who complete the Child Development courses are encouraged to consider completing a Minor by taking the additional coursework. If a student wishes to pursue a Minor degree, s/he needs to fill out an application form. If accepted as a CD Minor, the student will be assigned a departmental advisor, who will assist the student in planning a satisfactory program.  

In curriculum (cannot be part of concenration):

  • CD/EDUC  207 The Learner’s Development, Culture and Identity in Educational Settings ( 4)
  • PSY 201/202 General Psychology ( 4) GED4


2013-2015 Child Development Minor Catalog

Core courses:

  • CD 305 Early and Middle Childhood Development  ( 4)
  • CD 306 Adolescence ( 4)
  • CD 350 Developmental Issues in Education ( 4)
  • CD 424 Children’s Learning in Families and Communities ( 4)

Select any one of the following 4

  • PSY 421 Language and Cognitive Development
  • PSY 456 Behavioral Disorders in Children
  • PSY 460 Child Abuse and Neglect

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